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    Goal Oriented Litigation

    Getting results in litigation requires understanding client goals and managing client expectations. MHG has extensive experience litigating a wide array of civil matters; experience which allows him to accurately predict likely litigation outcomes and counsel clients accordingly. MHG is directly involved in all aspects of each case, and maintains frequent contact with clients.He recognizes that the client's knowledge of the case and the parties involved is critical to a successful outcome, so clients are an active participant in all aspects of their case.

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    Creative Settlement Approaches

    Over 90% of all civil cases are resolved via an out-of-court settlement. MHG has negotiated thousands of settlements, and brings a creative approach to this process. Negotiating settlements often involves developing proposals that will satisfy the needs of all parties - needs which sometimes are not based in economic or even rational terms.

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    Strategy and Keeping Fees Reasonable

    Keeping legal fees reasonable is a key goal of MHG's approach. After gathering all relevant facts, documents and identification of necessary parties, MHG and the client develop an initial case strategy and approach. As the case progresses, the strategy is adapted if necessary. Clients are always involved in all key decisions and all aspects of the case are explained fully and clearly.

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    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    MHG is a trained arbitrator/mediator and has also conducted arbitration of civil disputes. He has represented clients in a wide variety of alternative dispute resolution forums. Arbitration and/or mediation can prove to be an effective and less expensive alternative to litigation. MHG brings 37 years of experience and judgment to help parties reach fair and equitable resolution to civil disputes in a fast and economic manner.

Marc H. Greenberg is a member of the California State Bar (since 1979), and is licensed to practice in all state courts. He is also a member of the U.S. District Court Bar for the Northern, Eastern and Central Districts of California, and for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. His practice specializes in civil matters. He is both a litigator, a transactional attorney, and a trained and certified neutral with extensive experience in all three areas of practice. He specializes in handling, and/or resolving disputes in Copyright, Trademark, Entertainment, Right of Publicity and related areas in Intellectual Property Law, and in Business Law, Corporate Law, and Real Property Law (both residential and commercial).(CV)

AV Preeminent Rated Attorney, Martindale-Hubbell