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Public Speaking & Media

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    Audiences of All Sizes and Backgrounds

    Effective speakers understand that their presentations need to be geared to the size and background sensibilities and expertise of the audience. As an experienced speaker, MHG develops each lecture, talk and discussion with these factors in mind. While most presentations involve complex legal issues,the level of the presentations are adjusted to meet the profile of the audience to maximize understanding and clarity. MHG has made well-received presentations to groups ranging from elementary school students to judges and law professors.

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    Technology in Presentations

    Contemporary presentations are made more effective through the use of technology, including PowerPoint slides, digital film and sound clips, and related materials. MHG is experienced in the incorporation of these materials and the use of related technology to enhance his presentations.

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    Media Interviews; Areas of Expertise

    MHG has extensive experience with media resentations, having appeared on radio, cable and network television shows and news broadcasts as a legal expert. He recognizes the need for media outlets to secure timely commentary presented in concise sound bites. He has offered commentary in media interviews in the following areas: Copyright Law, Cyberlaw, Obscenity Law, Violence and Videogames, Microsoft and Anti-trust law, the Google Book Copying Project, the Superman Copyright transfer litigation, Open Source licensing, Trademark Law and litigation.

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    Expert Witness

    Drawing on over 36 years of experience, MHG has served, and is available to serve, as an expert witness on a variety of subjects, including industry standards in entertainment and other IP based businesses, the training and ordinary skills expected of attorneys, and other subjects.

Above: MHG lecturing on the basics of web design contracts & copyright as a guest speaker at City College of San Francisco (2012, 22 min.), with a brief introduction by Professor Claudia DaSilva. MHG's lecture to the GGU Litigation Program students on the techniques for creating an effective opening statement at trial can be seen here: (2012, 10 min.). A KCBS radio interview with MHG about the Shepard Fairey/Obama poster copyright case can be heard here (2011, 4 min.).

Marc H. Greenberg is a frequent speaker and lecturer to lawyers, non-lawyers, and academic audiences of all sizes. He lectures primarily on legal topics in the IP and general business areas. His lectures to non-lawyers are praised for their clarity and for his ability to explain complex legal and business concepts and laws in concise and easy to understand terms. Drawing from his extensive experience through the use of examples, hypotheticals, graphics, and a liberal dose of humor, his lectures are highly valued. A list of his most recent presentations can be found on his CV.