Books by MHG

Since joining the GGU faculty as an Associate Professor in 2003, Professor Greenberg has authored two books, five law review articles, one book chapter, one book review, several short essays to accompany conference presentations, dozens of PowerPoint slide sets to accompany conference lectures, two fulllength video lectures, and a number of related short pieces for newspapers, magazines and related publications. His most recent book entitled Copyright Termination and Recapture Laws: Good Intentions Gone Awry, is scheduled for publication by ABA Publishing in August 2016. He has several other book projects lined up for the next few years, focused primarily on IP law subjects. For a list of published articles and links, please see MHG's GGU Faculty PageCV.

Upcoming book on fandom for ABA

This new book explores the legal issues that arise from fan fiction and fan art.

BOOK REVIEW COMIC ART, CREATIVITY AND THE LAW By Marc H Greenberg ISBN: 978 1 78195 492 8 EDWARD ELGAR PUBLISHING LIMITED Elgar Law and Entrepreneurship HI SUPERMAN! I'M A LAWYER! EXPLORING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COMIC-STRIP CREATIVITY AND THE LAW An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers Talk about an interesting project!

Law Reviews

In the legal academy, one of the principal forums for legal scholarship is writing law review articles. Over the past thirteen years, MHG has written and published five law review articles, on subjects ranging from jurisdiction on the Internet to the prosecution of comic book artists and writers for obscenity. Many of his articles are cited in legal briefs, books and articles by other scholars, and are used as required reading in other schools.

Writing for Practioners

MHG's writing is also directed to members of the practicing bar. He writes short essays on a variety of intellectual property law subjects to accompany lectures he gives as part of continuing education for the bar (CLE) programs. He is also a periodic contributor to the Real Property Law Reporter, offering commentary on cases involving the intersection between real estate and Intellectual property law.