MHGAttorney & Educator

An experienced lawyer, arbitrator/mediator, expert witness, law professor, author and public speaker, Marc Greenberg is Professor of Law and Founding Director of the Intellectual Property Law Program at Golden Gate University School of Law (GGU); he also maintains a law practice, and an ADR practice, handling business transactions, primarily in intellectual property, real property and corporate law matters; he is also a frequent lecturer and prolific writer on a variety of legal and business topics. (CV)

MHG returns in July to the San Diego Comic-Con International Convention to participate as a panelist in Michael Lovitz' great program, Comic Book Law School. MHG will appear on the Saturday panel focusing on hot topics in comics and the law. In the Fall, MHG will give his annual presentation of The Year in Copyright Law to the San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association. He will also present two Copyright focused webinars for the State Bar and the ABA in June and September, 2016.

MHG's new book, Copyright Termination and Recapture Laws: Good Intentions Gone Awry will be published in August 2016 by ABA Publishing. His prior book, Comic Art, Creativity and the Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014), was released in paperback in 2015 and is available at and on Amazon.